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Artifacts and Memorabilia

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On one of the very first Railroad Days (first named The Burlington Northern Railroad Appreciation Days), one of our Charter Board Members and former Burlington Route Brakeman/Conductor, J. Patrick Reed, set up a few tables in the old depot's baggage room to display some of his Railroad artifacts. A few short years later, the Galesburg Railroad Museum was formed.


model steam engineSince that time, hundreds, maybe thousands, of people have donated artifacts and memorabilia of all kinds. We have received dozens of books and magazines. There have been numerous photos given, both individual and in sets. We've collected some beautiful sets of China, as well as some individual decorative plates. There have also been some creations donated such as a real, working, scaled model of a steam engine. And of course, Railroad employees, both active and retired, have donated their work items and utensils; from lanterns to tools to uniforms.

With this size of a collection, we are in the on-going process of "organizing" all these items in our display cases, especially if the donation was a set.

The one thing we, at the Galesburg Railroad Museum, would like to express is how thankful we are to those who have given their artifacts to be housed in our Museum. For without them, we would not be.

All of these photos are just a small sample of the artifacts we have on display in our Museum.

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