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We are the Galesburg Railroad Museum, Inc. This brief history of the establishment of, and the equipment in, was prepared in 1996 by the Museum Board of Directors. It was done to preserve, in written form, when and how the Museum was formed, historical data in the rolling stock, and an explanation of the duties of the employees who may have operated that rolling stock or equipment.

This was prepared with an absence of specific names, which was done for one reason. There were and are so many good persons, railroaders and non-railroaders alike, in the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's and up thru today, who were responsible for the formation of the Museum that we would surely miss someone if we attempted to list names. It is our intent to honor all and to slight none. We are indebted to the many kind persons who have donated railroad memorabilia for exhibition. Our members and visitors each year help us with their contributions.

The railroad is just cold steel and diesel fuel. It is the employees that bring it to life. Through the collection of these pages, it is hopeful that those who visit this site will learn about railroading and the people whose lives were entwined with it.